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Of Vessels and Voyages


Reese Gallery Presents

James Ibur & Daniela Krachtt in OF VESSELS AND VOYAGES

on Friday October 10th from 6-8pm

Daniela Krachtt paints sky landscapes where cumulous mountains rise and rumble upwards. Her Odyssey series opens up panoramic views of this epic voyage. James Ibur's cell sculptures are in fact clusters of small chambers - vessels made of vessels - creating a commanding array of bodies in motion. Ibur's forms suggest a stand in for the human form and the human journey.

James Ibur is the Coordinator of Ceramic Art and Assistant Chair of Design, Visual and Performing Arts at Saint Louis Community College - Meramec. Daniela Krachtt, born in Bolivia, has lived much of her life in Germany. Her work comes to via the New York Academy of Art where she was a recent MFA.

Please join us for an artist reception that is free and open to the public at Reese Gallery. Located in the Cherokee Arts Neighborhood, we're located just off of Antique Row near the corner of Wisconsin and Cherokee.

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