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James Ibur is a nationally exhibited Artist living in St. Louis, Missouri. His mediums include ceramics, drawing, painting, writing and music. 

Ibur is a Professor of Art, Coordinator of Ceramics and Assistant Chair of Design, Visual and Performing Arts at Saint Louis Community College - Meramec.  In 2018, he was awarded a $20,000 Regional Arts Commission Fellowship.  He received an MFA from the University of Illinois/Champaign-Urbana, studied at UC/Davis and a BA from the University of Colorado/Boulder. Ibur completed residencies at both the Archie Bray Foundation and Banff Centre for the Arts.

Artist Statement    

I make objects that explore the drama of human experiences and the complicated relationship humanity has with the natural world.  Ranging from subtle to bold, my autobiographical work is an opportunity to speak to universal themes.

My newest works connect iconic forms in atmospheric landscapes- inner and outer- suggesting complex narratives. Water, falling figures, clouds that actually do look like something real and the night sky:  these are all places for magic to happen. 

Most recently, a character has emerged: the bearded king-part airplane, part road, part self portrait.  He is clearly on a journey that is often "leaving" or "arriving" or "surviving" the challenges of animals and storms and a dynamic star-scape all the while warily interacting with buildings and a mountainous. landscape.

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